Austek Home Improvements - We Are Still Open And Ready For Your Business

Austek Home Improvements - We Are Still Open And Ready For Your Business.    Austek Home Improvements - We Are Still Open And Ready For Your Business.    Austek Home Improvements - We Are Still Open And Ready For Your Business

Welcome to Austek Home Improvements

Welcome to Austek Home Improvements

Welcome to Austek Home Improvements


Austek Home Improvements was started to give customers a more personalised yet professional service and has been supplying and installing quality home improvements for 25 years.



Welcome to
Austek Home Improvements


Austek Home Improvements have been supplying superior quality home improvements for over 25 years. Austek Home Improvements products and design expertise are well known throughout the building industry.

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Austek Home Improvements have been providing quality home improvements for over 25 years. Our company’s success is based on the attention to detail which ensures all materials and finishes are of the highest standards available and not the number of jobs we build per year. Our installation team are well-trained employees and not contractors.

Austek Home Improvements is a family-based company and one of the most reliable builders that will guarantee you quality and personalised service.



Austek is proud to quote you on your job, with over 25 years of building experience, we believe we know what is required to build your job to the highest standards


We give guarantees on all our work, personally guaranteeing that you and your whole family will be extremely happy with the quality of the end result.


Austek Home Improvements attention to detail whilst building your new addition and customer service throughout the whole building process is second to none.


Phase One

Design Consultation

An Austek Home Improvement, consultant will come out to your house and work alongside you to create a structure that compliments your home and gives you an area you will be proud to show off.

Phase Two

Council Approval

Austek Home Improvements will take care of everything related to council approval including plan drawings engineering specifications and all correspondence with council.

Phase Three

Check Measure

Before work commences Austek Home Improvements will attend the site and go over final details before we order your materials.

Phase Four

Start of Construction

Austek Home Improvements will call 2 days before we come out to start building giving you plenty of time to arrange things such as someone to babysit your puppy. Then construction can begin.

Phase Five

Completion of Construction

Once completed, Austek Home Improvements will inspect your finished project. Austek Home Improvements believe there is no compromise for quality, hence we ensure all our work is to the highest possible standards.


Austek did a wonderful job at putting a pergola up at our property! Anthony was wonderful an helped in the decision-making along the way! Thank you Austek!

Karina Chanelle Brewin

Thanks Anthony and the Austek team for completing our deck and pergola today. It looks amazing and better than I could have imagined! Hubby and I are very happy and excited to use it. Great effort as well to organise the whole thing in under 2 weeks and complete the work in 2 days in time for our party. Will definitely contact you in the future if any other work is needed.

Ishanya Moodley

Couldn’t be happier with the work Anthony and his team did at our house. We had two decks and an insulated roof put up around our pool. Anthony was very helpful all the way from design through to completion of the job.

They turned up on time and when they said they would. Nothing seemed to be too much trouble and when the work was completed they left the site spotless.
I would highly recommend Austek to anyone looking to get some work done.

Glenn Molloy

Pergolas, Awnings, Carports & Timber Decking Specialists in Penrith

Austek Home Improvements are the experts in home improvement in Penrith, with over 25 years in the industry. We provide a start-to-end service for decking, awnings, pergolas and carports for your commercial property or family home.
We take a lot of joy and pride in helping our clients make the most out of their space for their own and their family’s enjoyment.

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Looking to install new decking in Penrith?

A reputable company with a highly-skilled crew is what you will need to begin improving your home; look no further than Austek Home Improvements. Our experience has seen us servicing all different types and styles of decks, in many kinds of applications.Invest into lush, dark and oiled hardwood timber decking where you can watch your children and theirs grow up on.

Decking opens up the visual look and feel of your property, giving you the perfect place to lounge, relax or dine a la alfresco.

Once you have installed a new deck, will the space now need more interest or more shade?

In such a case, you should consider awnings or one of our custom pergolas to shade your deck in Penrith. Giving your deck shelter allows its colour and fibre to be more beautifully preserved, so that can really rely on the colour and long life of your deck. It also allows you, your friends and family to stay comfortable while enjoying their time on the deck, while you’re hosting BBQs, ladies’ tea or other spring and summer parties.

Make the best use of the area around your home | Stunning Decks, Pergolas and Awnings

Getting the most from the space you want to deck means choosing a contractor of timber decking in Penrith that has design skills to go with their building skills.Once your decking is finished, adding a custom pergola in the area will transform the space and make it much more functional.

Let’s go over the reasons you will want to go with timber decking for your home in Penrith and the added benefits of pergolas or awnings to enhance your newly finished space:

  1. Level surface – Decking is primarily used to construct an above-ground patio. This creates a level surface, usually equal to your indoor flooring height.
  2. Expand the usable areas of your home – By covering uneven or steep landscapes outside the home, the homeowner can walk right out of the house to the more square footage of living space.
  • Pest and damage resistant – Timber decking is made of insect-resistant hardwoods that weather beautifully.
  • Add value to your property – Custom decking will give the homeowner years of use and add value to the price of a home. Adding a pergola or awnings also adds value to your property, creating a comfortable space shielded from the wind, sun and rain.
  • Shelter your deck – Installing a proper pergola or awnings provide you with a way to shelter your deck from rain, heat, damaging UV rays, dirt and wind.
  • Adjustable shade and light – Awnings can be made to be stationery or retractable, the latter allows you to extend or pull back the awnings to block off more sun when it’s hot or let in more heat when it’s cold.
  • Temperature control – Maintain a comfortable temperature on your deck or patio deck with a proper shading with a high-quality awning or pergola.
  • Statement Carports in Penrith | Drive in and out in style

    We can create a carport that properly protects your car from changing weather conditions and falling debris. Our custom carports can be tailored to perfectly complement the exterior style of your house. The roofing available comes in a great range of options; Colorbond steel, insulated roofing panels, and polycarbonate, and further can be made in a flat, dome, hip, gable or Dutch gable style.

    Hiring the right builder

    Finding a builder of custom pergolas in Penrith is probably as easy as talking to the builders of your deck. Most decking contractors also make beautiful pergolas, awnings, carports or any kind of outdoor home improvement.

    So, whether you want a shaded area for a seating arrangement, a cover for your barbeque area, or an open top design for growing climbing vines, a great contractor like Austek Home Improvements will get the job done. Call our team today to get more information!


    Hardwood timbers are always recommended for any heavy or outdoor build. There is quite a variety of hardwood timber to choose from with different colours and patterns of grain. However, if sealed and properly treated, softwood timber can also make attractive pergolas in Penrith.

    In order to choose the best pergola in Penrith, it’s important to understand the purpose you desire it for and the look you want to achieve. Whether it’s a summer getaway that provides a place to eat or hang out near the pool, a year-round outdoor dining area or comfortable solitude seating.

    Additionally, you need to consider if you want the patio to give you a solid covering or have open gaps or glass. You can get a multitude of looks with the different shapes and colours in our range of pergola designs at Austek Home Improvements. Keeping all this in mind, you can better understand what requirements you have for a pergola in Penrith.

    Wood has always been a popular option for pergolas in Penrith. However, outside they are constantly exposed to harsh temperatures, wind, rain and dust. On top of the weather, they can rot, decay, grow fungi, or become infested with termites and other insects if not given the proper care.

    Therefore, metal pergolas make a fantastic practical option. Metal pergolas are strong and resistant to a lot of wear and tear. They should be galvanised and sealed to prevent rust. Austek Home Improvements provides different pergolas in steel that come in a variety of styles and designs.

    Carports in Penrith need to be 500mm from any lot boundary at a minimum. For more information on the specifics of where you can build a carport on your property, please check with your local council.

    Most of the time, you will need to apply for council approval if you are looking to build a carport in NSW. This is the same case if you are looking to build a carport in Penrith. Look up your local council’s guidelines for more information

    A single carport in Penrith is usually 3m wide. Before building a single carport, you need to get approval from your local council. Then you need to properly locate your amenities such as water, electricity, etc and ensure you don’t damage them.

    As for tools, consider hiring if you don’t think you will get a lot of repeat use out of them.

    You will need a lot of the basic building tools for this, such as a shovel, measuring tape, hammer, saw, carpenter’s square, adjustable wrench, spirit level, ladder and possible more. You will also need the appropriate power tools to cut the materials to size.

    You then need to section out the carport, dig out holes for the posts, fix them with concrete, put in the posts and secure them in place, then mark out and cut the posts from the top so that the roof will be level. After this, you can attach the beams and rafters, as well as the gutter and downpipe. Once this is done, all you need to do is attach the roof.

    Remember to try to keep your carport away from spaces under trees and wear the appropriate safety wear during the entire process. You should also regularly clean your carport gutters to keep your home area more fire safe. If you are not very handy or lack the time for this long process which requires a great deal of physical work and attention, consider hiring professionals. Austek Home Improvements is known for making durable and stylish carports in Penrith, that can be customised to match with the style of your house


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