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Austek Home Improvements - We Are Still Open And Ready For Your Business.    Austek Home Improvements - We Are Still Open And Ready For Your Business.    Austek Home Improvements - We Are Still Open And Ready For Your Business

Carports Sydney


Austek is proud to quote you on your job, with over 25 years building experience, we believe we know what is required to build your job to the highest standards

Austek Home Improvements

Best Quality Custom Carports In Sydney

Quality carports you can afford

We, at Austek Home Improvements, one of the leading carport installers, offer carports products, design, and installation expertise which are well known in the building industry.

Carports can bring great value to your property for several reasons, such as shelter, entertaining, security and storage. They help protect your car from sun, rain, wind and snow. Installed with a remote-controlled door, they also add extra security to your car by providing a barrier to interrupt theft and vandalism.

When looking for the best carport builder, there are several variables that need to be considered. One of those is experience. We are the first choice among all carport builders for homeowners in Sydney as we have years of experience in this field.

We create custom carports for our clients in Sydney that greatly add value to their home.

Quality Custom Carports in Sydney | The Austek Difference

All Austek Home Improvements carports are made from Australian Bluescope steel. Each one is built specifically to complement each individual home. With all-year-round protection for your car, from rain, hail, and sun, Austek Home Improvements carports are the only choice.

Always keeping our clients in mind, we work tirelessly to design, create and construct carports that they love. We work with you to create a carport that works with the exterior style of your house and compliments your property. We’re able to do this with our resources, colour and style options and well-earned expertise.

Available in flat, gable, Dutch gable, hip or dome, Austek Home Improvements has a design to suit every home.

Customise Carports to your style | Carport Roofing Options

  • Flat – A very versatile style that works with a lot of old and newer houses. This style provides a clean minimalist finish for any application. On top of steel, flat roofs also open up more options; you can choose to go for an insulated roofing panel or a polycarbonate roofing which adds light to the space and looks very contemporary.
  • Gable – One of the most popular styles of carports, gable roofing consists of two roofs that are diagonally slanted and meet at the middle. They can have a perpendicular wall on their faces like a triangular prism or be completely hollow in this area.
  • Dutch Gable – The Dutch gable style has similarities to both gable roofing and hip roofing. Visually it looks like the top half of a triangular prism has been placed on top of the bottom half of a hip roof. Its artistic style is perfect for entertaining.
  • Hip – All sides of a hip roof slope towards the middle. This is another common roofing style that will work with properties that also share this type of roofing style.
  • Dome – A new roofing profile with great contemporary style that looks like a rounded curve surface. Dome roofing is very popular in polycarbonate, which is a material that looks a lot like glass but is more effective at blocking UV and insulating while providing light. The curved structure also allows rain to run right off.

Valuable investment into your property | Prime protection and aesthetic

Carports make a valuable investment for your car and house that is more affordable than a garage. On top of sheltering your car from harsh weather and bird droppings, a carport also allows you to enter and exit your car without getting wet. By also adding a remote-controlled gate to your carport you can give extra protection to your car, your backyard and house from theft or intrusion.

What else? | Benefits beyond the eye

Beyond the traditional benefits that carports are sold for, there are many more reasons why people enjoy having a carport in Sydney, such as:

  • Entertaining space – When there are a lot of people expected over many people use their carport as a space for entertaining. After parking elsewhere it’s easy to move in a grill and pull up a table and some chairs, especially for a carport at the side of the property.
  • Storage – With an added gate, you can place items in this area with ease for either decoration or storage.
  • Growing plants – If you choose a roofing option that allows a lot of light, the sidelines of your carport can also be a great place to nurture some potted plants.

Austek Home Improvements being the best carport builder takes pride in every detail, from design, council approval to final clean up. We are among the most trusted carport installers in Sydney. Please contact us to arrange your free quote. We have built some off the best carports in Castle Hill and Penrith.


No, Austek is proud to quote on your job and offer free no obligation quotes

Depends many minor projects may not require council approval and planning permits because they come under exempt developments section” in the law, however, they need to comply with specific guidelines though, anything outside this will require a Council permit and planning approvals. Our certified staff will arrange all the required paperwork right through to the final inspection.

You can choose the desired carports in Sydney as per your house interiors. There are ample of design options available for carports. Select the one which compliments the overall appearance of the house, and give it a distinct look.

The width of carports in Sydney depends upon the number of cars you want to cover. A single carport cover is of around 12ft by 20ft. You can choose a wider carport cover to over two or three cars.

Yes, carports in Sydney are a great value addition to your property. It will recoup great ROI in future. Carports not only enhance the aesthetic appearance of the house but also have great utility value too.


Austek did a wonderful job at putting a pergola up at our property! Anthony was wonderful an helped in the decision-making along the way! Thank you Austek!

Karina Chanelle Brewin

Thanks Anthony and the Austek team for completing our deck and pergola today. It looks amazing and better than I could have imagined! Hubby and I are very happy and excited to use it. Great effort as well to organise the whole thing in under 2 weeks and complete the work in 2 days in time for our party. Will definitely contact you in the future if any other work is needed.

Ishanya Moodley

Couldn’t be happier with the work Anthony and his team did at our house. We had two decks and an insulated roof put up around our pool. Anthony was very helpful all the way from design through to completion of the job.

They turned up on time and when they said they would. Nothing seemed to be too much trouble and when the work was completed they left the site spotless.
I would highly recommend Austek to anyone looking to get some work done.

Glenn Molloy


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