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Austek Home Improvements - We Are Still Open And Ready For Your Business.    Austek Home Improvements - We Are Still Open And Ready For Your Business.    Austek Home Improvements - We Are Still Open And Ready For Your Business

Colorbond Insulated Roof Panels in Sydney


Austek is proud to quote you on your job, with over 25 years building experience, we believe we know what is required to build your job to the highest standards

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Insulated Roof Sydney | Insulated Roof Builders Sydney

Austek Home Improvements insulated patio roof panel is made from colorbond high-quality steel and superior roof insulation material. Our insulated roofing panels will make a beautiful addition to any home ensuring all year-round comfort at a comparatively low cost.

Our insulated roof panels are remarkably known in Sydney for their:

  • Superior comfort
  • Design possibilities
  • High quality

1. Superior Comfort | Climate Control

Austek Home Improvements insulated patio roof panels for sale provide superior comfort throughout the year with cooler summers and warmer winters. They provide great shelter against the sun’s strong rays, as well as wind and rain. Keeping you dry and out of the direct lines of harsh UV. Our Colorbond insulated roof panels also reduce the sound and movement resulting from wind, rain, hail and storms. Insulated roof panels also dramatically reduce construction times and site mess for a simpler, and more streamlined installation process.

  • Keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter
  • Shields you from sun and rain
  • Reduces noise and movement from wind

2. Possibilities in Design | Custom Insulated Roof Panels in Sydney

Austek Home Improvements insulated and metal roof panels come in various colorbond and insulation thicknesses at a reasonable price for all types of applications. In addition, they come in a wide range of different colours with various shades of red, brown, green, blue, grey, cream, white and black at your disposal, as well as different roofing surface profiles. This great design flexibility allows you the freedom of choice and design when it comes to creating new roofing. It also allows us to offer you a solution tailored to you when you are looking for a patio or pergola roofing, for a style that matches well with the exterior style of your house.

  • A vast amount of choices in colour
  • Different roofing profile options to consider
  • A selection of different thicknesses to fit different requirements

3. High Quality, Clean Innovation and Design | Colorbond Insulated Roof Panels

Colorbond insulated roof panels provide a smooth seamless and all in one solution, holding roofing, insulation and ceiling all in one product. Austek Home Improvements insulated and metal panels come in wide coverage to minimise unsightly joints and with as low as one degree fall on roofing, this really gives you the ceiling like appearance for your new alfresco area or pergola you’ll be happy to show off this summer or even cosy entertaining in the middle of winter. It easily hides away cabling and wires, so you can achieve drop lights in your panels without seeing any unsightly electrical evidence. Gone are the days of seeing cables, aluminium or mess, hello smooth white ceiling that looks as good as that in your house.

All our insulated roof panels are designed, crafted and installed with all attention to detail. Our experts can also talk with you about what other features you may need for your roofing such as barges, gutters, etc.

  • Hidden ducts for cables and wiring
  • Clean and compact design
  • Low maintenance
  • Strong Colorbond steel
  • Simpler installation

The Experts in Roof Insulation | Your Partner in Insulated Roofing

We can offer you a start-to-finish service for your new insulated roof panels, from a measure and quote, to advice, design, customised building and installation. We have been working in this industry for 25 years and have moved and adapted with the latest techniques and technology to bring our clients excellent and competitive results.

Call us today to get started! We will visit your premises and give you a free measure and quote.


There are many forms of insulation for roofs out there, but it’s really hard to beat insulated roof panels in Sydney. In these panels, both the roofing and the insulation is included for a comprehensive all in one solution: with all the benefits of a metal roof and insulation. It is an ideal choice if you are looking for a roof for your patio, veranda or pergola.

Alternatively, if you already have roofing installed already, spray foam makes a popular option for metal roof insulation. It does cost more than fibreglass batts, but it is very effective in keeping out rodents and preventing condensation and all the problems that come with it, like weak walls and mould. Fibreglass batts is known as a cheap alternative if you are worried about costs. Although fibreglass is very versatile and can be cut to size, it’s dangerous to use and should only be installed by a professional.

To install downlights in your insulated roof panel in Sydney you are going to need a hole saw facing drill, a pocket knife and possibly a long length drill bit.

    • Use your hole saw facing drill on the bottom face of the panel to cut out a precise hole for the light socket to fit into. You can either place the light close to a side end of the panel or in the middle.
    • Use the pocket knife to cut out a hole to thread the cables from the light to the channel you drilled out if the light is placed in the middle, or to thread down the side grooves of the insulation foam otherwise. You may also need to use the pocket knife to cut out some extra areas in the light socket hole to make the fixture fit, for example the clips.
    • Special note: If you want to put a light in the middle, you are also going to need a long drill bit in order to cut out an empty channel to run the cable of the light through.
    • You are good to fit the new light/s in!

If you have any doubt at all about your ability to do this, don’t risk jeopardising your new insulated roof panels. At Austek Home Improvements, we provide a holistic service and can send out a professional team to properly customise, outfit and install your insulated roof panels.

It is usually highly recommended to insulate your ceilings, just as it is easier to do. This is unless you have a cathedral or vaulted ceiling, in which case you will not have an attic area to access and thus need to insulate the roof. However, our insulated roof panels in Sydney make roof insulation so much easier to accomplish. Roof insulation has a great advantage in controlling the temperature effectively in your house and reducing the need for air conditioning or heating. Many more people are choosing to use both types of insulation to superpower the insulation of their home, especially in uncomfortable climate areas.

Insulated roof panels in Sydney come in many styles. Besides thickness, the differences they boast more have to do with their various distinctive aesthetic values. Their varying thickness is the determining factor to how effective they are at insulation. So, to answer the question; the best insulated roof panel for your patio or any other purpose needs to be figured out on a one-on-one basis. You can call 1300 765 895 today for a free quote and we can talk about the space you want to install these panels and what kind of look you are after. Our team is highly professional and experienced, they will help you figure out what the best insulated roof panel would be for your individual requirements.

COLORBOND® Coolmax® steel was specially engineered and designed to deliver a high rate of solar reflection. As such, it reflects 77% of the sun’s heat, helping you keep your house in Sydney cooler especially during the hotter months. Combined with its internal insulation, Colorbond insulated roof panels make a dynamically competitive roofing on today’s market for their effectiveness. Helping you and your family keep comfortable and saving money off your air conditioning and heating costs.


Austek did a wonderful job at putting a pergola up at our property! Anthony was wonderful an helped in the decision-making along the way! Thank you Austek!

Karina Chanelle Brewin

Thanks Anthony and the Austek team for completing our deck and pergola today. It looks amazing and better than I could have imagined! Hubby and I are very happy and excited to use it. Great effort as well to organise the whole thing in under 2 weeks and complete the work in 2 days in time for our party. Will definitely contact you in the future if any other work is needed.

Ishanya Moodley

Couldn’t be happier with the work Anthony and his team did at our house. We had two decks and an insulated roof put up around our pool. Anthony was very helpful all the way from design through to completion of the job.

They turned up on time and when they said they would. Nothing seemed to be too much trouble and when the work was completed they left the site spotless.
I would highly recommend Austek to anyone looking to get some work done.

Glenn Molloy


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