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Austek Home Improvements - We Are Still Open And Ready For Your Business.    Austek Home Improvements - We Are Still Open And Ready For Your Business.    Austek Home Improvements - We Are Still Open And Ready For Your Business

Well Organised Timber Deck Construction in Sydney

Timber Decking That Will Never Go Against The Grain

At Austek Home Improvements we understand a lot goes into building a high-quality timber deck and railing. We also believe that the work is well worth the finish, and our deck builders work tirelessly to design, craft and construct the perfect timber decking for our clients in Sydney that will last for many years to come.

We are the leading name for professional timber deck construction, Sydney and we have built a compelling reputation in the industry renowned for our values, warranties, and technology over 25 years of timber deck construction.

Why Austek Home Improvement? | The best partner for Timber Decking in Sydney

At Austek Home Improvements, we have the best there is to offer in technology in outdoor timber decking materials and it did not just happen overnight. Over the years in business we have invested heavily in our people, technology, and materials we have on offer to ensure we give you the best.

What to consider | Professional and Top Industry Advice in Sydney

When using any timber decking material, it is important to know that it has been treated against termites and lyctid borers, and that timber is weather resistant and won’t attract fungus and mould. Our experts will be able to advise you of what maintenance is required and if it requires staining or oiling to retain its natural beauty. We stock everything that you can ever need to keep your timber decking in pristine condition during construction right through the years, so that you need not go anywhere else for the care and conditioning of your deck.

Hardwood Timber Decking | Glossy and Rich Natural Fibres

Hardwood timber decks are revelled for their luscious and natural appearance, and reliable strength.Dependent on the type of hardwood timber you choose, it is important to remember that Spotted Gum and Ironbark are an excellent option for weathering naturally.These timbers, along with other types like Blackbutt are excellent for bushfire prone areas with their fire resistance. A properly maintained hardwood deck, depending on the type of timber, can last up to 45 years.All hardwood timber is easy to work with and sustainable, but some hardwood timber will require ongoing treatment to retain resistance features like termite-resistance or waterproofing.

  • Sustainable
  • Able to sand down and reseal
  • Boasts more strength and durability
  • Scratch resistant
  • Looks attractive and natural
  • Naturally resistant to rot and decay
  • Long lasting

We are happy to recommend you the best suited hardwood timber for your timber deck construction, Sydney.We have a range of quality Hardwood timber at extremely competitive prices. Be sure to ask our team members if we have any offers coming up when you come into the store.

Softwood Timber Decking | Affordable and Customisable

Softwood timber is known for being softer and less dense, however with treatment they can be quite strong and resistant to a range of different damaging factors such as UV, ozone, dust, termites, warping and more. They are a cheaper material, so you will be able to pay less up front for timber deck construction. A softwood timber deck cannot sustain the same long life as some types of hardwood timber however, so you may need to replace your timber decking in a shorter time span.

  • Easy to source from plantations
  • Affordable decking solution
  • Grooved or smooth decking boards
  • Able to be stained for a colour change
  • With proper maintenance can last up to 15 years or longer

Composite Timber Decking | A Sturdy and Durable Timber Decking Alternative

Unlike hardwood and softwood timber, composite timber isn’t sourced from a particular species of tree. Composite timber is created by mixing plastic with wood wool or fibres to create a material that looks like wood but is heavier and more densely packed. Composite timber decking is waterproof, and does not rot, grow mould, or get eaten by termites. It is known as a no-maintenance deck alternative that can last up to 25-30 years or longer.

  • Eco-friendly process, recycling wood fibre
  • Low maintenance
  • Looks like wood
  • Don’t need to sand, paint, oil or stain
  • Resistant to mould, rot, termites, warping, weather and fading

Ready to sign onto a timber deck construction for your house in Sydney? Contact us today and we’ll help you get started!


You can use 2x4, 2x6, 4x6, or 5/4x6 deck boards for your decking. The most popular size boards for timber decking in Sydney at the moment are 2x4 and 5/4x6. While wide deck boards are trendy, it is important to note that there is more of a cost that goes in with the materials needed to join them together and attention to care needed. Therefore, wide deck boards won't save you from more work compared to thinner deck boards.

To select the right timber decking services in Sydney it is important to keep these things in mind: reliability, quality and price. In order to properly compare providers, look through the galleries of decking service providers to see if you like the decks that they build. Also look up reviews left behind by their past clients. Most companies provide free quotes, but you should also check that they do beforehand to save yourself the pain if that is not the case. Many companies are also happy to provide you with testimonies from past clients.

Once you are done researching and comparing these factors, you will be able to make a decision on a timber decking service provider that offers you the best value for money.

At Austek Home Improvements, quotes are free and we’re happy to provide you with testimonies from past customers. We’re also happy to make suggestions and help guide you in getting out the best of your new deck.

Hardwood timbers make the best outdoor decking, with the perfect balance of beauty, strength and long life.Jarrah is an Australian native hardwood that has become the gold choice for many Australians for its beautiful vibrant colour. Additionally, it is also remarkably durable and fire resistant. However, as it is a highly sought timber decking in Sydney, it is also often more expensive.

We also have a range of other attractive hardwood options to choose from, as well as treated pine which is popular for those looking for an affordable choice.

You can contact Austek Home Improvement for more information on your options for timber decking in Sydney, on 1300 765 895.


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