Polycarbonate Patio Roof

Polycarbonate Patio Roof

At Austek Home Improvements we have in stock a range of Polycarbonate patio roofs, it has always been used in commercial and industrial sheds as a form of natural light. It is now being used in residential properties, Solasafe Polycarbonate sheets offers an elevated level of resistance against harmful uv rays.

Polycarbonate patio roofs are available in a range of colours and design and can be custom made to fit any structure at best price. There are 3 distinct levels of Solasafe sheets available depending on what your requirements range from lighting levels to heat reducing properties, and technology that allows heat reflecting technology as well as control light levels. Be sure to discuss your requirements and price range with one of the expert’s staff members and contact us today!

We get a lot of questions from clients interested in learning more about different roofing material options theses are listed below;

Yes, polycarbonate patio roof sheets can provide resistance to various temperatures and extreme weather conditions.

Yes, all our polycarbonate roofing panel are uv resistant

Our clear polycarbonate patio roof panels are the perfect solution for natural lighting strength and durability.

  • Because polycarbonate plastic provides excellent value for money
  • Polycarbonate is lightweight, durable, shatterproof, and most importantly efficient.

Polycarbonate patio roof prices may vary, to get the latest prices or find out what specials available please call us directly!