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Polycarbonate Awnings In Sydney

Polycarbonate Awnings, Sydney

At Austek Home Improvements, our polycarbonate awnings have become a popular choice with many homes and businesses across Sydney. Polycarbonate awnings can be used for doors, windows and patios to keep the area underneath cool, shaded and dry, as well as uniquely, well lit. It is due to their durability and minimal maintenance not to mention perfect protection from the weather, that make them the perfect addition to any property in Sydney. They look amazing and come in a range of designs and colours.

Polycarbonate has a similar appearance to glass and can come in different coloured tints or levels of transparency. However, it blocks out UV rays and heat, allowing outdoor areas and heat entry areas in the house to be properly illuminated while remaining cool. Polycarbonate is also a material that is extraordinarily strong and has even been used in bulletproof applications; it is 250 times tougher than glass. All in all, polycarbonate awnings make a durable and weatherproof awning that allows you to enjoy the sun without the heat and sun damage.

Features and benefits

  • Blocks UV – Polycarbonate blocks out 99.9% of UV rays.
  • Natural illumination – Polycarbonate awnings can come in different levels of transparency to let natural light come into the area.
  • Rust and Ozone resistant– Door or Window polycarbonate awnings structures have been designed to be rust and weather resistant.
  • Withstands extreme weather – Polycarbonate awnings have been crafted to tolerate extreme impacts, storms including hail and strong winds. It is also flame resistant and self-extinguishing.
  • Easily install and forget – They are easy to install and require little to no maintenance.
  • A range of applications– Polycarbonate has been designed to withstand a range of window door and roofing applications, these applications include skylights, roof panels, patio and sunroom roofing, pergola walls and roofing.
  • Customisable– You can have them custom made to meet all window and door requirements.

Polycarbonate awnings for windows

As these awnings let in light but block UV and heat, they are an effective application for windowed areas in your house that are dark or often rely on the natural light but also easily get hot. By facilitating a cover that doesn’t get in the way of the light buy filters out the heat and harmful UV rays, you can keep your house cool during the hotter months and best save money off your energy bills. Polycarbonate awnings make a great choice of awnings for store windows, as it keeps your business well-lit but comfortable.

Polycarbonate awnings for doors

Similarly, a polycarbonate awning for your door allows you to properly find your keys when with the light, without being in the direct line of rain or the hot summer’s heat. They also make a stylish, sophisticated statement placed over the front door of your house, office or commercial property.

Polycarbonate awnings for patios

Polycarbonate awnings in Sydney can be made in a range of styles to suit a modern, contemporary, bohemian, or country chic house. You can customise this larger spanning awning in terms of colour of glass, coloured support beams and posts, and roofing styles. You can choose a flat style to top off an open wooden pergola or an awning that is slanted or capped at the edge to better run rainwater off the top.

A polycarbonate awning is a great way to enclose a patio, while making it an area that enjoys good lighting.

The Experts in Home Improvement | Hire us to build and install Polycarbonate Awnings

Contact us at Austek Home Improvements today, our expert team will be able to guide you with a vast range of options for window and door awnings across Sydney. We offer free quotes, and our awning installers are fully licensed and certified and available for onsite inspections, so you know you can get a job complete, right the first time.


Polycarbonate awnings are made of an aluminium frame with a polycarbonate roof panel. These awnings are a great alternative to glass awnings. They let in more light than other types of awnings and can be made opaque for a bit of added dimness and more impressive heat blocking. Polycarbonate awnings are a stylish modern option that adds value to the space.

The pros of polycarbonate awnings are:

  • Temperature resistant – this material is highly resistant to heat and cold
  • Strong and durable – its unbreakable strength lends it as a material commonly used in bulletproof applications
  • Blocks UV – provides you nice natural light while blocking harmful UV rays
  • Lightweight – easier to deliver to your location and to install over decks
  • Low Maintenance – only requires cleaning to keep them attractive and protect them from scratches

The cons of polycarbonate awnings are:

- Expensive – it is quite expensive compared to glass or plastic
- Not eco friendly – this material requires several chemicals and high heat to produce

Polycarbonate awnings are highly sought, but also expensive. A small polycarbonate awning just shy of 1m can easily cost you $100. They do however provide a lot of benefits that other awnings don’t such as effective insulation, natural light and blocking UV. They are also incredibly known for their strength and how long they can last. Therefore, if you are working on putting together a stylish modern or contemporary home that you can really enjoy, a polycarbonate awning is an investment you might want to consider.


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