Composite Timber Decking at Reasonable Price In Sydney

The Sustainable Strength of Composite Decking

At Austek Home Improvements we offer you the complete guide to composite decking in Sydney.

So, if you are considering your next outdoor project and want to build the perfect outdoor living space, then we got you covered at Austek Home Improvements. From layout to design right through to budget – we have it all covered and are here to take you through each and every step in your decking project.

Let’s start with the Facts

You need to determine the best quality products for your space, at Austek Home Improvements we know all the pros and cons of decking materials.

Is choosing composite timber decking over wood an appropriate choice?

There is a lot of reasons to select composite decking over wood for starters;

Maintenance –

  • Composite timber decking is extremely minimal maintenance – no sanding or staining required the boards repel surface damage all on their own you can occasionally use an approved soap to give them a quick clean-up if needed. This simple wash will instantly restore the composite timber decking to its natural beauty.
  • Premium hardwood has beautiful hues but can fade and weather overtime even with regular maintenance usually every 2 – 3 years not to mention the once a year sanding, staining, oiling, and sealing. This can be a very costly alternative when you add up Money, Labour & Time.

Sustainable –

  • Composite timber offers a variety of colours and won’t fade and weather overtime.
  • Premium Hardwood usually lasts around 10-15 years whilst Composite timber decking is covered by 30 years fade & stain warranty.
  • All Premium Timbers can overtime and foot traffic, crack, rot, fade, and weather not to mention they can be prone to mould, mildew, and white ant’s aka termite damage. Composite timber decking repels mould, mildew, and white ants, because the composite timber has a strong barrier protecting it, you won’t need to worry about it warping, rotting, or cracking it is the perfect all-rounder.

Longevity –

  • Premium Hardwood timber has a lifespan of 10-15 years if it has been meticulously maintained it may get 20 years maximum
  • Premium Hardwood timber may have a minimum 2-3 years warranty at best.
  • Composite Timber has a 30-year Fade and stain warranty, your deck will stay beautiful and safe for decades to come.

If you like more information on the range of products we have available contact us at Austek Home Improvements today!