Timber Decking At Reasonable Price

There are numerous options available when it comes to timber decking costs, Hardwood timbers are better quality and will cost more than treated pine, but some of the softwood and composite material are a lot cheaper it really depends on the quality and longevity you want to get out of your new timber deck. The cost of timber decking depends on the size and quality of timber used.The cost for accessories such as joists, nuts and bolts is nominal. 

Austek Home Improvements understands that everyone has unique needs, therefore we offer onsite quotes. Our experts will come out to your home or business, check site foundations and work with you to understand what you’re looking for, we will then compile a quote including a break down of all material required.

Timber prices vary depending on what your requirements are and the total size and shape of the project. For instance, a straight deck, stairs, and railing would be a lot cheaper than curved design.

  • Firstly, site or foundation preparation it may require excavation which means hour charge, or it may already have a solid foundation so no costs would be incurred.Hence the total price depends on how the foundation is prepared.
  • Materials costs ,this could include joists and substructure, railing if needed, decking, nails, and hardware accessories.The material price is the most important factor in timber decking pricing.
  • Total shape and sizes of the project will make an enormous difference to overall cost. These two together is what determines the materials required and labours charges of your timber deck.

It is important to note that construction and labour will be the biggest outlay in any outdoor timber decking construction.

If you would like to get more detailed information or would like an onsite quote, please contact us today!