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Austek Home Improvements - We Are Still Open And Ready For Your Business.    Austek Home Improvements - We Are Still Open And Ready For Your Business.    Austek Home Improvements - We Are Still Open And Ready For Your Business

High Quality Outdoor Timber Decking In Sydney

Outdoor Timber Decking

Outdoor timber decking, Sydney has become an extremely popular choice for many homeowners.

A rich and sturdy deck, while simple, is a great icon of the friend and family lifestyle we enjoy in Sydney. What’s better than enjoying a Saturday evening BBQ dinner or late lunch after a few dips in the pool?

A lot of the patio timber decking used today is resistant to moisture, fire and other elements and insects aka termites and lyctid borers. For this reason, you can even use outdoor timber decking for the surrounds of a pool, water feature or hot tub.

Outdoor decking can also be a great solution for a patio, as a patio deck can create an even dry surface for you and your family to enjoy.

Hardwood Outdoor Decking | Luxury Patio Decks in Sydney

There are several types of timbers that can be used in making decks, some of the best Australian hardwood timbers for patio deck in Sydney include:

  • Spotted Gum
  • Ironbark
  • Jarrah
  • Silver top Ash
  • Blackbutt

Hardwood timber is highly sought for their thick density, and rich luscious natural colour and distinctive grains. Blackbutt timber particularly makes a great choice for bushfire prone areas.

Most of the hardwood timbers in Australia are sourced locally and are sustainable, they are all unique and offer an undefined elegance. They are a popular choice for many homeowners and can add value to your outdoor living space.

Unfortunately, hardwood timber decks have one downfall, they need to be regularly maintained and some need to be stained each year to retain its natural beauty and repellent-resistant properties. However, when properly maintained and depending on the timber they can last well into 40 years.

Composite Outdoor Decking | Hardy Patio Timber Decking in Sydney

If maintenance is an issue for you, you can also consider opting for a composite timber deck. They require no sanding, oiling, painting or other yearly treatment. Composite timber is made from mixing resin and wood wool together to produce a heavily dense, strong and sturdy deck that requires minimal maintenance. It is highly resistant to scratches, stains, warping, mould, UV and insects. However, composite timber still lasts longer and stays in the best condition when kept clean and dry. Mould from leaves that fall on the deck can spread if not swept away.

Softwood Outdoor Decking | Affordable Patio Decks in Sydney

Both hardwood and composite outdoor timber decking are more costly choices if price plays a big factor in the patio deck you go for.If this is the case, a softwood patio deck can also make an attractive and strong deck with the proper maintenance. Treated pine, in particular is popular, and when given the right care it can last 15 years.As softwood is light coloured, it can also be stained to be given a different colour and feel.This kind of deck needs to be re-treated and possibly stained each year.

Why install patio timber decking?

Whether you want a low or elevated deck, or long stylish wooden walkways through the outdoor area of your property, installing timber decking is a proven way to add value to your property. A stunning timber patio deck captures the attention of your buyers and sets your property apart from others. The reason that decks add value, apart from how good they look, is that they add more floor and usable space to the area of your home.

Best of all, a deck makes a great place to entertain and host events.

So, every patio deck material has its own pros and cons. The final decision is let up to individuals at Austek Home Improvements. We are here to offer solutions to your needs!


It’s important to not overlook your outdoors when you are looking to increase value in the house before you put it on the market. A stylish and comfortable looking patio is a great way to have potential buyers in an inspection saying ‘wow’ and leaving with the property well on their mind. A patio deck adds a new space for families to enjoy alfresco dining, and morning or evening tea.

While both are outdoors, a patio is an area that sits on the ground that is paved and can be either attached or separate from the house. On the other hand, a patio deck is on a platform whether it’s on an open porch or a raised platform in your garden.

If you have uneven terrain and are looking to create an outdoor sitting and lounging space then a deck or patio deck is a must. As it is on a platform, it can be used to give you an even surface for alfresco dining and outdoor lounging. However, you can otherwise work out the best option for you based on your budget, the makeup of your land and what you desire out of an additional outdoor area.

Decks are great for those who want a view anda higher percentage of returns on average. However, patios cost more, don’t require a lot of maintenance, usually last much longer and offer more privacy as its lower on the ground.


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