High Quality Outdoor Timber Decking In Sydney

Outdoor Timber Decking

Outdoor timber decking, Sydney has become an extremely popular choice for many homeowners. A lot of the patio timber decking used today are resistant to moisture, fire and other elements and insect’s aka termites and lyctid borers.
There are several types of timbers that can be used in making decks, some of the best Australian hardwood timbers for patio deck in Sydney include:

Spotted Gum,
Silver top Ash,

Unfortunately, hardwood timber decks have one downfall, they need to be regularly maintained and some need to be stained each year to retain its natural beauty and repellent-resistant properties.

Most of the hardwood timbers in Australia are sourced locally and are sustainable, they are all unique and offer an undefined elegance. They are a popular choice for many homeowners and can add value to your outdoor living space.
So, every patio deck material has their own pros and cons. The final decision is let up to individual at Austek Home Improvements we are here to offer solutions to your needs!