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Austek Home Improvements - We Are Still Open And Ready For Your Business.    Austek Home Improvements - We Are Still Open And Ready For Your Business.    Austek Home Improvements - We Are Still Open And Ready For Your Business

Custom Made Outdoor Pergolas In Sydney

Outdoor Pergolas Sydney

For over a decade now, Austek Home Improvements has been delivering quality outdoor pergolas in the Sydney region. Outdoor pergolas make your patio, deck, garden or poolside a more liveable and enjoyable space. They protect the ground, and the objects or people under it from harsh UV rays, the heat and getting, all while providing the perfect place for summer entertaining in Sydney.

If you’re looking to enhance your outdoor landscape space, and want to add value to your home, Call us. We can help you create and design whatever outdoor pergola you have been looking for. We have an array of roof options, styles and colours to customise your pergola to best complement your home. So, if you have been looking for an all in one store, we have it all.

Interior Walls

On any outdoor pergola, the interior walls are vital to any build. Walls not only cover the structure but also hide wiring and cables for lights or fans. They help support the top section of the structure as well. So, as you can now understand, walls are something a structure must-have.

You can choose how far you want to go with the walls of your outdoor pergola in Sydney.

For a partial option, you can opt for side louvres that allow light through but also allow you to adjust the blade to control the amount of light and heat that seeps through. The support beams of a louvre topped pergola can have lights installed within them, with wiring hidden inside the posts, or you can string fairy lights between them.

Alternatively, they can have privacy walls with wooden beams, a lattice or a full and solid back. These walls also provide a great way to maintain privacy in your backyard, hence the name, especially if you are concerned about how much your neighbours or other pedestrians can see over your fence.

Ceiling Installation

When we complete any outdoor pergolas in Sydney, we like to add a ceiling to any support.

Insulated roofing panels are a 3 in 1 solution providing: roof, insulation, and ceiling. They are set apart for their compact shape and form, and additional benefits.

There is also a range of other options available for ceiling supports. The ceiling is the best way to hold any outdoor pergola together and let you mask light fittings. Insulated roofing panels hide away electrical cables and wires out of sight and out of mind, with the cable ducts on their sides. Pergola ceilings also help supply protection from weather conditions in Sydney.

The insulation within the insulated roofing panel achieves this by blocking the direct transfer of heat from the sun to the area below.This insulation also reduces the noise and sound of wind, rain and hail, and is also waterproof.


On top of our insulated roofing panels, Austek Home Improvements can also offer outdoor pergolas with either pure 100% Colorbond steel, polycarbonate or awnings.

  • Colorbond steel come in a great selection of colours, and won’t twist, chip, peel, warp or get eaten by termites. As the steel is already coloured, it also will require no painting once installed. They can have skylights installed to better allow in light.
  • Polycarbonate roofed outdoor pergolas enjoy the benefits of a lot of natural light as the material looks a lot like glass. Polycarbonate effectively blocks out heat and UV rays so you and your family can enjoy the sun without the sunburns.
  • Awnings have a range of styles and functions that allow them to be effective and versatile for a whole range of applications. Outdoor pergolas topped with material awnings are perfect for those that prefer a softer and more coastal appearance. When you employ an awning roofed pergola, you might also be able to retract the awnings, allowing you to easily adjust the shade and light.

Expert Outdoor Pergola Builders in Sydney

Austek Home Improvements has more than a decade experience in outdoor pergola installation in Sydney region, we deliver the best quality roof materials known for strength and durability so if you’re in the market for outdoor pergola or want to update your existing pergola contact us today!


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