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Austek Home Improvements - We Are Still Open And Ready For Your Business.    Austek Home Improvements - We Are Still Open And Ready For Your Business.    Austek Home Improvements - We Are Still Open And Ready For Your Business

Best Outdoor Patios Builders In Sydney

Patio Builders In Sydney

Our experienced team at Austek Home Improvements has been consistently rated the best patio builders in Sydney. They can turn old unused outdoor space into a patio that can create endless ways to entertain outside, and many homeowners like the added equity to their property value!

A patio allows you to enjoy Sydney outdoors regardless of the weather, it is the perfect place to host a gathering with family or friends or enjoy the stars with that special one.

Patios make a lucrative investment, for these reasons and more:

  • Minimal maintenance
  • Durable and strong surface for foot traffic
  • Adds another useable space in your home
  • Adds value to your house
  • A covered patio will provide your house extra coverage from the sun

At Austek Home Improvements, we have a wide variety of available materials – all aspects of your future patio are available in store they are completely customisable with a certified and licensed patio builder.

Our patio builders are happy to listen and work with you to bring your ideas for a dream patio to life.With their experience and expertise, our team is here to help find the best solution for your patio and will guide you through the entire process; from start to finish.

Different Outdoor Patio Options in Sydney | Exercise Creative Freedom

Concrete –The most affordable option for a strong and durable hard surface that can last many years with the right care.

Gravel –Another affordable option with the simplest installation. Gravel patios in neutral shell-like colours can look really lovely with some wood toned furniture,however you wouldn’t want to walk on it barefoot.

Brick –While bricks come in many colours, red clay bricks are popular for producing a warm Italian country aesthetic.

Pavers –Paver patios are seamless and stylish, often made from porcelain or a type of natural stone they present a highly attractive and luxurious option in Sydney.

Flagstone- Similar to pavers, flagstones are made from natural stone, but cut in irregular patterns. They provide a very strong, natural and unique appearance to your outdoor patio.

Tiles –Tiles are also similar to pavers in material and shape but tend to be thinner. They are also a favoured option in updating an existing patio or stone porch, where they are installed directly on top of the existing patio.

So, contact us today or come in the store and speak to one of our expert staff members about your patio project. Our patio builders in Sydney are happy to talk to you about what you can fully expect from each material.

Patio Covers | High Quality Solutions from Sydney’s Best Patio Builders

On top of the paving, to get the proper enjoyment and ease of maintenance of your new patio you should also consider a covering. At Austek Home Improvements, we can present you with these options:

Insulated roof panels – Smooth and compact, with the look of a crisp white ceiling, these roof panels give the look of an extension of your house’s roof while moderating the temperature for better comfort.

Polycarbonate – While looking a lot like glass, polycarbonate blocks out most UV rays and doesn’t let heat through, making it a great shelter for those that want to enjoy great natural lighting without the sunburns.

Awnings – A retractable awning can be another great option to use over a patio, allowing you to adjust the shade you get with the current weather and light conditions.

Colorbond steel pergola– Stylish, it quickly brings the space together, especially with a gable or Dutch gable roof. It can also be outfitted with a fan or lighting.

Bespoke Patio Design and Installation

Patios are the best way to add a fun touch of class and sophistication to your outdoor landscape design. At Austek Home Improvements, our patio builders will help you get the patio you always wanted, providing you with an environment that you love to escape to relax and unwind and enjoy outdoors all year round.

Contact us today at Austek Home Improvements to learn more about the best patio landscaping design and installation service our Sydney store has to offer!


A shade cloth or sail make a very quick and easy way to shade patios in Sydney. However, they are generally not waterproof or water resistant. A wooden slitted pergola also makes an attractive affordable option. At Austek Home Improvements, we believe our awnings and pergolas give you the best value for money.

Yes, you can lay a new patio over your existing patio in Sydney. You need to first check your old patio for any damage or uneven surfaces and make the necessary repairs beforehand. You need to then clean them down and lay over landscape fabric. Then you need to fill it with sand before you can start putting the new pavers in place.

You could install a new concrete patio over it. Alternatively, there are some other things you can do to change up the look of your paving. You can paint your concrete patio in Sydney a different colour, or stencil paint it to create some more complex designs. Here you could also create larger shapes like thick lines or diamonds for a simple but pleasing pattern. If that doesn’t suit your fancy you could also consider rounding out the shape of your concrete patio with curved concrete pavers or staining your concrete to look like tiles.

For a real cheap and easy visual change, you could invest in an outdoor rug to capture the attention of your guests, pulling focus away from the concrete.


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