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Austek Home Improvements - We Are Still Open And Ready For Your Business.    Austek Home Improvements - We Are Still Open And Ready For Your Business.    Austek Home Improvements - We Are Still Open And Ready For Your Business

Protective Outdoor Awnings In Sydney

Austek Home Improvements – The Best Outdoor Awnings In Sydney

Austek Home Improvements has the finest outdoor awnings systems available in Sydney featuring awning craftsmanship custom designs and colourful shades. At Austek Home Improvements, every aspect of your project is carefully thought out to provide you the best functioning and best-looking outdoor awnings in Sydney, to make your home or business stand out from all the others.

The benefits of our Outdoor Awnings in Sydney are:

  • Water and fire resistant
  • Keep cool in the sun
  • Retractable and stationery
  • Manual and automated retraction
  • Creative freedom with a variety of colours and designs

Austek Home Improvements has been in the home improvement industry for 25 years. We are dedicated to bringing our clients the highest standard of workmanship through all our products and services. We are well known for our exceptional quality and service throughout the Sydney metropolitan area for Commercial and Residential Awnings.

Commercial and Residential Awnings in Sydney

Commercial Awnings For Shops And Businesses

Austek Home Improvements has been serving an extensive client base for commercial awnings which includes retail outlets and café and coffee shops, restaurants, banks, industrial, real estate agencies, architects, contractors general, sport and fitness centres and many other commercial businesses in and around the Greater Sydney Area.

Commercial awnings can be extremely decorative and can enhance the look and feel of any business. Awnings can be screen printed and used as a versatile advertising piece, they are made with fire-resistant materials, and you can choose from various frame styles and designs.

Why you should invest in commercial outdoor awnings for your business:

  • Put up your business’s name, products, popular menu items or offers
  • Decorate your exteriors to be more noticeable on the street
  • Keep your customers cool as they enter or leave
  • Create more space for your customers to sit and eat
  • Save money off your power bill with proper shading

Call Austek Home Improvements for your next Commercial Outdoor Awning in Sydney.

Residential Awnings for Townhouses, units, and homes in Sydney

Our awnings are available in many unique styles and shapes. We have stationary awnings in the shelf, dome, circular and convex styles available, these outdoor awnings will increase the value of your home by enhancing the look and adding spectacular accents. Just a simple set of awnings, installed correctly, will also noticeably help to reduce your energy bills.

Adding an outdoor awning onto your residence can give you that extra living space by providing shade for activities on your existing patio or deck. This will help you to extend your outdoor usage of your deck throughout the months to come. It is like having an extra outdoor room into your home.

Why you should invest in residential outdoor awnings for your home:

  • Increases the value of your home
  • Provides hade to your deck or patio
  • Saves money on energy bills
  • Helps you keep comfortable indoors and outdoors
  • Looks great with the surrounding features of your home

So, for your next project be sure to check out our extensive range of Residential Outdoor Awnings in store or online at Austek Home Improvements

Different types of outdoor awnings in Sydney:

  1. Retractable

Retractable roof – A soft angled shade that is used to shade a deck, patio, swimming pool or large outdoor room. Retractable roof outdoor awnings tend to be large and use pergola structure to hold them up. They allow you to customise the light and heat you get in the day so the area can always be accessible. They have a bit of a pleated texture pattern.

Patio awnings – These outdoor awnings are what you can most expect to see from the exterior of a florist shop. They provide a decent amount of shading without the need for posts.

Zip awnings – These awnings are a see-through drop-down awning. You can get these awnings opaque for privacy, see through or with fly screens.

Folding arm awnings – Requiring no posts, these awnings can extend and retract back. They are held up by aluminium arms, to give an angled shade.

Shaderunner – Similar to a retractable roof, they look like pleated sails that are supported by a pergola-like structure. They run on string overhead and can be operated by remote control.

  1. Stationery

Shelf – Rectangular and tilted down, they are a popular residential awning for backyard windows and porches.

Dome – An old school style that is popular for long store windows, hotel entryways and jewellery stores. Theyalso make a great awning for front doors.

Circular – Also known as a half barrel, they look like half a cylinder and are a great awning for long entryways and make quite the impact.

Convex – Convex awnings are also a great awning for doors and windows. Also known as bullnose awnings, they are a popular choice for big wide windows.


Acrylic fibre is the best material for outdoor awnings in Sydney. They have great insulation from heat, are water repellent and have long lasting colours even with daily exposure to UV rays. The fibre is dyed all the way through and treated with special coatings to ensure they have these properties.

The best outdoor awnings are undeniably the ones that you can adjust and retract. Retractable awnings allow you the freedom of controlling the shade, light and temperature over your patio and windows. Elsewise, we recommend you consider the space, location and furniture you want to set up awnings over when you are considering what awnings to go for. You can call our specialists on 1300 765 895 to talk more about your needs and requirements, as well as what styles appeal to you. They are happy to visit the premises and measure the area of installation to provide you a free quote.

Outdoor awnings can be stationery, retractable, adjustable and be made from cloth or metal. Stationery awnings don’t move, while retractable can pull in and out, while adjustable outdoor awnings can tilt and possibly also retract. Austek Home Improvements has an array of outdoor awnings in all these models, with awnings with manual and motorised retraction. We also have dome, circular, shelf, and convex stationery awning styles available in stationery awning styles.

Yes, outdoor blinds in Sydney can be motorised with a remote control. Of course, you need to make sure that you implement the correct model in order to do this. Motorised awning blinds provide a stylish and convenient way to adjust the shades, that will get your friends and neighbours talking.


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