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Austek Home Improvements - We Are Still Open And Ready For Your Business.    Austek Home Improvements - We Are Still Open And Ready For Your Business.    Austek Home Improvements - We Are Still Open And Ready For Your Business

Customised Insulated Pergolas In Sydney

Insulated Pergolas in Sydney?

On a Saturday afternoon, what’s better than spending some time outdoors kicking the ball around or taking a dip in the pool before coming around an outdoor table for some salivating and aromatic BBQ?

Make the best out of your outdoor space with an insulated pergola to keep your family and guests comfortable in Sydney. It makes the perfect place to store some cushions and lounges, a table and even a fireplace.

At Austek Home Improvements we have supplied many clients throughout the years with insulated pergolas, in Sydney. Pergolas add charm and beauty to any environment, due to advancement in technology no longer do you have to look at unsightly brackets, inserts or softly rolled aluminium.Instead, insulated pergolas can be a sight of reassuring and tranquil calm with smooth plain white ceilings, roofing tiles that match that of your house and strong posts with their own distinct character.

With Austek Home Improvement, the insulation as well as the messy wires and cables are tucked away cleanly out of sight for a safe and beautifully seamless finish.

Add Value to Your Property | Invest in Insulated Pergolas

Many homeowners in Sydney are investing in items that can add equity to their current portfolios, insulated pergola is a perfect item to enhance and uplift any outdoor area.A pergola adds an additional usable space for the inhabitants of the house to enjoy. An insulated pergola further helps those that use the space to stay comfortable; keeping guests dry, shaded, maintaining a moderate temperature and reducing the sound of wind and rain. A stylish and comfortable pergola on a property won’t soon be forgotten amongst buyers, even as they browse through numerous listings on the Sydney market.

How far you want to go with the features, the look and feel of the place is up to you. You can add retaining walls or fencing to further enclose the area to make it feel intimate or like another area in your house. A retaining wall will also allow you to decorate the area with lovely ferns or flowers. You could also add blinds, fly screen blinds or a louvered side wall for some more shade from angled sunlight.

Custom Made Insulated Pergolas in Sydney

Today pergolas are engineered from the ground up and can be custom made to suit your individual needs and requirements, now you can have the added benefit of insulation. At Austek Home Improvements our experts understand the key benefits of insulated pergola, in Sydney and will help you make the best decision for your own property.

How do insulated pergolas work?

At Austek Home Improvement, we specialise in insulated pergolas. When we create an insulated pergola, the insulation comes from the roof. You can choose either between an insulated pergola roofing panel or a polycarbonate roof.

Insulated roof panels provide an all-in-one roof, insulation and ceiling solution that provides a clean and compact surface that you can install flat or gabled. The tile colour and style can be customised to match the house’s roof, making this choice a much-valued option for those that want to both improve the aesthetics and functional value of their home.

A polycarbonate-based pergola roof allows light in like glass but also effectively insulates the area, blocks out most UV rays, and shelters inhabitants from rain. These roofs are popular in a curved or dome structure that makes them strong and effectively repels rain. They boast a more contemporary or technologically advanced style.

The advantages of having insulated pergolas

  • Major factor is insulation provides fire resistance as the material can withstand extremely hot temperatures.
  • Noise resistant is another advantage; your private conversation can stay private and away from neighbouring ears.
  • Insulated roofing or walls allows you to keep cooler in summer and warmer in winter, so you can enjoy your outdoor area all year round.
  • You can still have timber rafters if desired.
  • Insulation is waterproof
  • Large range of colours so bound to have something that matches your decor.

So, if your next project involves insulated pergola be sure to contact us at Austek Home Improvements
Our friendly team will be more than able to help you!


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