Insulated Patio Roof Panels Sydney

Insulated Patio Roof 

At Austek Home Improvement our experts can help you select the right roofing materials for your patio requirements. Insulated patio roof panels are a fantastic way to control the temperature of the day, normal Colorbond roofing can block in hot or chilly air and make the environment extremely uncomfortable. An Insulated patio roof keeps the temperature cooler on sweltering summer days and warmer in winter.

Colours and Styles of Insulated Roof panels?

All our insulated patio roof panels comply with Australian standards, there is a broad range of styles and colours to choose from at Austek Home Improvements is bound to have what you’re looking for. We help you get started from basic measurements through to custom made designs and styles.

Our Experts will be able to guide through the selection process as everyone has different requirements, some people like additional ceiling fans and heaters fitted others require specific lighting and audio. At Austek Home Improvements we offer full customisation so contact us today!

  • Offers added protection to your outdoor decking from weather conditions.
  • Provides a safe environment to relax and enjoy outdoors, as recommended previously it keeps your outdoor environment cooler in summer and warmer in winter.
  • Insulated roofs require little to no maintenance keeping costs down.
  • Insulated Patio roofing panel also provide noise reduction, unlike a tin roof that carries noise and sometimes magnifies.
  • Major factor is the insulated panel is waterproof so you can enjoy your outdoor patio even when it is pouring rain and you can ensure your outdoor furniture won’t get damaged, as the patios from Austek Home Improvements are built to keep elements out not to let them in.
  • All insulated patio roof has the added feature of allowing all cables and wiring to be hidden and not exposed offer and safer environment.