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Austek Home Improvements - We Are Still Open And Ready For Your Business.    Austek Home Improvements - We Are Still Open And Ready For Your Business.    Austek Home Improvements - We Are Still Open And Ready For Your Business

Insulated Patio Roof Panels Sydney

Insulated Patio Roof

On a hot day or a chilly afternoon, what can be better than spending time with your loved ones in the great outdoors? Forget going far for a picnic or a grill when you can create the perfect area for entertaining and alfresco dining right in your backyard. Your patio doesn’t have to be an uncomfortable location either, with one of Austek’s insulated patio roof panels to keep you and your guests out of the direct path of the sun.

At Austek Home Improvement our experts can help you select the right roofing materials for your patio requirements. Insulated patio roof panels are a fantastic way to control the temperature of the day normal Colorbond roofing can block in hot or chilly air and make the environment extremely uncomfortable. An Insulated patio roof keeps the temperature cooler on sweltering summer days and warmer in winter, so you can enjoy great comfort all year round.

They are an all-in-one roof solution with the roof, insulation and ceiling included, with different texture profiles for a simple and stylish installation. Insulated patio roof panels also easily hide away all the wires out of sight, and out of mind.

Why install roofing for your patio?

While patios offer a great space for evening brunch and tea with the girls or a Saturday grill, adding a roof to the area can better keep you comfortable. While some sun is good for vitamin D, too much can burn your skin or give you a headache. You can install a long and wide insulated patio roof panel for an outdoor space that’s like a room of its own, or you can install a smaller panel for a sectioned off lounging area, with plenty of sun in others. If you want the best temperature control, insulated roof panels work best.

Colours and Styles of Insulated Roof Panels?

All our insulated patio roof panels comply with Australian standards, there is a broad range of styles and colours to choose from at Austek Home Improvements is bound to have what you’re looking for. We have a range of insulated patio roof panels in various shades of red, brown, green, blue, cream, white and grey. They also come in a variety of different thicknesses and roofing profiles to suit a wide array of applications and requirements. At Austek Home Improvement, we recommend our clients choose a colour, style and roof profile that matches and complements the exterior design of their house and we can help you achieve this.

We help you get started from basic measurements through to custom made designs and styles and give you excellent suggestions to help you achieve the best finish.

Features and Benefits of Insulated Patio Roof Panels

  • All-in-one roofing solution
  • Freedom in colour and style
  • Effective insulation
  • Compact and smooth modern design
  • Flat or gable roofing
  • Add value to your home

Why hire expert patio roofing installers | The Austek Difference

At Austek Home Improvements, we have been in the home improvement industry for 25 years. We are able to offer you an end to end service where we talk you through what you require, give you the best advice, supply insulated roof panels and install them.

Our Experts will be able to guide through the selection process as everyone has different requirements, some people like additional ceiling fans and heaters fitted others require specific lighting and audio. We will help you outfit your insulated patio roof panels with all the features that you desire or require.Once installed, the panels require minimum upkeep.

At Austek Home Improvements we offer full customisation so contact us today!


  • Offers added protection to your outdoor decking from weather conditions.
  • Provides a safe environment to relax and enjoy outdoors, as recommended previously it keeps your outdoor environment cooler in summer and warmer in winter.
  • Insulated roofs require little to no maintenance keeping costs down.
  • Insulated Patio roofing panel also provide noise reduction, unlike a tin roof that carries noise and sometimes magnifies.
  • Major factor is the insulated panel is waterproof so you can enjoy your outdoor patio even when it is pouring rain and you can ensure your outdoor furniture won’t get damaged, as the patios from Austek Home Improvements are built to keep elements out not to let them in.
  • All insulated patio roof has the added feature of allowing all cables and wiring to be hidden and not exposed offer and safer environment.

Batts or foam spray make a great option if you are looking to insulate an old roof. But you should also consider roof insulation panels in Sydney. Innovatively, combining the different components of roof, insulation and ceiling together, they make the building process easier and more hassle free. The results are stunning in any application type or style also, which is why we believe insulated patio roof panels have grown so popular in Sydney.

The cost of a patio cover depends on a few factors, such as material, design and whether a professional is catering to the installation or if you are doing it yourself.

A popular patio cover material, polycarbonate costs between $38 for a 2.4m length. The cheapest Colorbond roofing costs $18 per square metre.

Insulated patio roof panels best combine style, durability and comfort. As an all-in-one roof, ceiling and insulation solution, they are a convenient and cost-effective tool in constructing a new patio. DIY insulated patio roof panels can cost from $1200 to $3600, but custom made, and gabled styles are priced higher.

Awnings and insulated roofing for your patio both have their own great value in providing shade and shelter to your patio, and thus making it more livable.

At Austek Home Improvements, our awnings can retract manually or with automated control. This allows you to put up the shade to protect your guests and people inside the home from the sun when it’s hot and therefore, reducing the money you spend on cooling. These awnings also allow you to retract and pull them away on cold days for comfortable heat.

Patio roofing has timelessly looked stunning, with an array of styles and colours to blend in with the rest of your home.Our insulated patio roof panels offer a sleek compact insulated shelter that keeps everyone underneath it comfortable.

You can talk with our team for a free discussion for what would work out best for you, on 1300 765 895. Quotes are free.

Insulated patio covers cost more than some other systems - there is no doubt about that, but they're also undeniably better. An insulated patio roof gives a clean and modern cover to your outdoor seating areas, that doesn’t just look great but keeps the area cool, shaded and dry from leaks. You can also use insulated roof panels to tidy up wires, keeping them concealed and safely out from view.

So if you want to be assured that you are getting the best value for money when you are looking to install a patio cover, you might want to consider opting for an insulated patio cover.

Outdoor spaces can be more problematic to look after already, but with this innovation you can be sure that you’re really creating a space that’s comfortable and regularly enjoyed.


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