Insulated Roof Panels For Sale – Reasonable Prices

  • At Austek Home Improvements we have a range of insulated roof panels for sale, when planning your next project, you need to take into account the following to determine total cost.

You will need to establish the full measurement of the project length, width, height, and total size to establish requirements.

Most panels come in a set width and length but can be customised to suit the size you require, price will vary so it best to seek an expert from Austek Home Improvements to get a better understanding of full requirements.

You will need to contact Austek Home Improvements directly as we are constantly getting in new stock

So, there may be items on sale, always best to come in and see if it suits your needs and décor.

Measurements of the area you wish to cover for your pergola, carport or patio are easily done by our qualified tradesman so contact us for a free measure and quote, they will help you determine requirements and list items required for your project.

Costs to be factored in are:

  • Insulated Roof Panels prices are competitive but dependant on length and number required some panel can start at around $50.00 and up and then need the specifications to ensure you order enough.
  • Barge, side barge, rear barge these may need to be custom made so prices vary depending on size
  • Fascia flashing this made need to also be custom made
  • Guttering, gutter brackets, stop ends these items come at competitive prices can vary depending on requirements
  • Downpipes, Posts – Fabricated available in a range of size
  • Metal screws, Brackets, steel beams, roof risers and much more. Therefore, it is best to get a free measure and quote from our team of professionals before starting any new project that way you can establish a budget.

Please note these items do not consider the permits and planning fees. So rather than DIY contact us at Austek Home Improvements we can provide complete package price from start to completion so you can rest assured your project in the hand of real professionals certified, licenced, and insured.