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Austek Home Improvements - We Are Still Open And Ready For Your Business.    Austek Home Improvements - We Are Still Open And Ready For Your Business.    Austek Home Improvements - We Are Still Open And Ready For Your Business

Insulated Metal Roof Panels & Pergola Roofing

At Austek Home Improvements, ask about our insulated metal roof panels, they are the perfect addition to any outdoor project. Stylish, compact and effective at insulating, insulated metal roof panels can be customised to achieve your desired finish, creating an impactful patio area or pergola.

What can you use insulated metal roof panels for?

  • Pergolas – Insulated pergola roofing with some wooden or metal beams make some beautifully clean and modern outdoor spaces that you can situate near a pool, by your lawn or surrounded by your garden. Pergolas provide a great location for picnics, grills or more sophisticated outdoor dining. You can even install a fireplace or wood fire pizza oven in this area for your friends and family to enjoy during cold and chilly nights.
  • Patios – A patio is a valuable area in any house, quickly capturing interests of buyers and investors in a home. It becomes an even more enjoyable space with the inclusion of insulated patio roofing. Insulated metal roof panels can be made or customised to share the same tiles as your house’s roof, to give you patio roofing that looks beautiful and makes you and your guests comfortable outdoors.
  • Deck – Similar to a patio, but elevated and with the capability to be built on uneven surfaces, a deck is a valuable space for entertaining and hosting the good old Australian BBQ. Decks exposed to direct sunlight can deteriorate or fade faster from absorbing harsh UV rays and sunlight. Nowhere is that truer than Australia, where we have some of the highest concentrations of UV in the world. Protect your beloved deck with fashionable roofing solution that never looks out of place.
  • Carport – One prime reason behind installing a carport is providing shelter and adequate temperature for your car. With a carport, gone are the days you walk into your car and it’s steaming, and the metal of your seat belt buckle burns your hands. Insulated metal roof panels play an effective role here, in keeping the temperature underneath cooler in summer months and warmer when it gets cold. Their style and ability to blend well with your house also makes them a great investment for aesthetical means, raising the street side appeal of your property.

Depending on the style of roofing you require, there is a range of insulated metal roofing panels you can choose from. The Selection to choose from is:

  • Corrugated – The corrugated steel panel matches many period homes, not to mention a lot of modern homes. They have a wavey profile on the top and a flat surface for the bottom ceiling layer.It looks great and comes in a variety of colours, ideal for any insulated pergola roofing, carport, or patio. The corrugated steel panels flat insulated base underneath provides an even ceiling.
  • Mono Span Steel – The Mono span steel panels also have an even ceiling and blend well with industrial sheds, commercial buildings. The roofing profile of these steel panels have tall peaks with a flat and cornered edge, instead of curves, with near flat and wide spaces in-between. The mono span steel panels look great with any brick veneer home and can be colour coded to match most roof tiles.
  • InsulspanCorro – Finally, there is the InsulspanCorro/Corro. These panels are corrugated on both sides and look great for workshops, pergolas, patios, and carports. They look great and match the décor of many homes and buildings. They are stylish and modern.They look similar to corrugated steel panels with a wavy surface, but they wear this texture both on the top and bottom, for interesting ceilings.

All these metal insulated pergola roofing materials come with the following features:

  • Interlocking seams create a roof to perfection – no unsightly joins
  • Safety ducts for electrical wiring and cable access
  • Panelling is available in assorted sizes from 50mm up and vary in length
  • Installation is easy
  • Customised to suit any normal roofing type
  • Large range of colours you can choose from the Colorbond range. This makes it easier to match and compliment any existing roof.
  • Insulspan insulating roofing panels include not only the roofing but ceiling as well.
  • Strong, Durable, and relatively maintenance free can be washed annually if required.

So, if you’re in the market for Metal insulated roof panels, be sure to contact us online or come in store today.


Insulated roof panels can be 7.3m long. This makes these panels great for insulated pergola roofing, whether small or large. Insulated roof panels are a great installation, combining roof, insulation, and ceiling all into one unit.

As there is normally no walking space between the roof or ceiling, insulating a pergola roofing normally requires picking out a roofing material that can insulate and shield against rain and sun all at once. Polycarbonate and Colorbond steel are a popular material for this purpose. At Austek Home Improvements, you can choose between Colorbond panels or polycarbonate for your insulated pergola roofing.


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